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Temporary Spanning Beam
Temporary Spanning Beam

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Temporary Spanning Beams

Varios sizes and SWL available

Key Features
  • The beams are designed to be moved manually by two men to the work site, or by platform crane using the certified handles as lifting points. The beams can be used in a variety of ways to provide a certified lifting point. One use is to span open grating walkways.
  • The units are simply placed between two main support beams directly above the item to be lifted, and a soft sling or wire sling is then threaded up through the grating, round the body of the beam and back down through the grating to enable a chain block or similar to be hung directly above the load to be lifted.
  • The Spanning beams are fitted with a plaswood base and come with Load Test and NDT Certification as standard and are painted to Offshore Specification.
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